In the heart of nature
since 1923


Quality above all

For the Rigoni family, product quality is sacred! The starting point of their success was the collection of recipes belonging to Grandmother Elisa, which evolved over time without losing their authenticity or their original flavor.

Each production stage undergoes ongoing inspections and monitoring, which make it possible to obtain a final product that meets Rigoni di Asiago high standards.

The organic choice

In order to preserve the original flavors of the past, since 1992 Rigoni di Asiago has consciously chosen to provide solely organic products. The wisdom of this choice has since been confirmed.

Rigoni di Asiago was one of the first companies to embrace the organic cause in Italy, and soon became the market leader.


All of the fruits and raw materials that are used in the various preparations come exclusively from organic farming. The rigorous inspections and certifications ensure impeccable organic quality. Accordingly, Rigoni preserves the authenticity of the brand, affirming its ties to the region and ensuring the provision of tasty and genuine products.