In the heart of nature
since 1923


Product certifications

To ensure 100% organic production, Rigoni di Asiago willingly undergoes extremely rigorous inspections by the European certification bodies, which guarantee and certify full compliance with the standards and with production regulations.

Organic certification is granted after accurate examinations and administrative analyses that are performed throughout the production process.

Organic products must include, on their label, the statement “product of organic farming”, accompanied by the name of the certifying body, the number of the Ministerial Authorization, and the alphanumeric code that serves as the identification card for the product.

For several years Rigoni di Asiago has been holding a Kosher certification as well.

Company certifications

Rigoni di Asiago recently received the important ISO 9001, IFS Food, and BRC Food certifications for quality and safety – yet further recognition of the company’s high quality standards and reliability.