Dolcedì Rigoni di Asiago


Extracted exclusively from organic apples, through a genuine, transparent production process, Dolcedì is a natural sugar with a considerable number of benefits compared to traditional sugars and synthetic sweeteners.

The natural sugar composition and a significant amount of fructose (over 50% of the total) makes it an extraordinary, natural sweetener. Just consider the following: Dolcedì sweetens more than sugar, with a 30% lower calorie content. The glycemic index of Dolcedì measured by the standardized method (FAO/WHO Expert Consultation 1998) has classified the product as a low Glycemic Index food. GI = 22.5 +/-5

Rigoni di Asiago uses 10 kg of organic apples to produce just one kg of Dolcedì, thus offering a healthy, innovative, really top-quality product for our tables.

Dolcedì is thick and syrupy and dissolves easily in hot and cold drinks. It replaces traditional sugar in all its uses: to sweeten hot and cold drinks; in fruit salad, for the preparation of recipes and for baking. Its pure, sweet taste enhances the organoleptic qualities of food and drink, prolonging their taste. Thanks to a practical, squeezable bottle, with drip-saver cap, Dolcedì is easy to dose and use. As an alternative to the 350 gr pack, Dolcedì comes in practical, single dose, 6 gr sachets.