Fiordifrutta Rigoni di Asiago

Ever since it was first launched in the mid ‘90s, Fiordifrutta has been loved and trusted by consumers, thus becoming the Italian jam market leader.

Fiordifrutta is produced using only top quality organic fruit, selected from the best areas of origin, picked only when perfectly ripened, sweetened with apple juice and with the addition of natural fruit pectin. It is processed at room temperature to preserve at bets the taste and fragrance of freshly-picked fruit. It contains no added sugar, artificial aromas and colors.

Fiordifrutta is a top quality product representing the company’s commitment towards its consumers.

Fiordifrutta comes in 26 different flavors, from Classic fruits (Strawberries and Wild Strawberries, Apricots, Wildberries, Peaches, etc.…) to the more exclusive, original ones (Rosehip, Pink Grapefruit, Gooseberry, Pomegranate, etc.…).